Edinburgh in “One day”

This weekend me and one of my friends went to Edinburgh for a concert. Since we arrived late Friday night and left early Sunday morning we didn’t have much time on our hands for other activities. In other words; We had to plan our day well..

We skipped breakfast at our hotel and decided to find some local place to get ourselves a decent meal at. We chose a full Scottish breakfast at a pub, which included the all famous delicacy of haggis. This was my first time trying it, or at least I think so. It actually just looks like any sausage, and it didn’t really taste as funny as I thought it would. You could have fooled any kid to eat it…

edin1Full Scottish breakfast with haggis, the sausage thingy on the left side…

edin11Pub names, gotta love’em…

Since both me and my friend loves castles and history we went up to the Edinburgh Castle, which  is the most famous landmark in the city and a must to see! You also get a lovely view of the city from up there. I’ve already been in Edinburgh twice earlier, but I have never been inside the castle, so that was a first for me. It’s really recommended! For £16 you get to see a lot of history in one place, exhibitions, museums and the all famous crown jewels (Honours).




edin3It’s always nice catching a rainbow!

After the visit to the castle we still had some time before the concert. Since we both also love the Harry Potter series and J. K. Rowling we went up to Greyfriars in Old Town to check out The Elephant House (pub) were she wrote much of her early work. We also visited Greyfriars Kirkyard, which is the inspiration to were Voldemort grave was placed. There’s actually a real Tom Riddell buried there. Harry Potter fans visits his grave every Halloween to honor the series.

edin6The Elephant House, were Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter books.

edin7The grave of Tom Riddell (Note, not “Tom Riddle”)


For dinner we had Italian food at a lovely autenthic Italian restaurant. I had bruschetta for starters, then a lovely pasta meal with mussels, scampi and calamari (squid). After that it was all about the concert. The band playing was Busted, which was my favourite band as a young teen.. It’s quite nostalgic to finally be able to see them live, since it was a dream of the 13 year old me!


edin12The Natives warming up.

edin13Yet another awesome Busted concert. Tempted to go for a triple next year!

As you can see it’s possible to have a copious experience even if you are short on time. Don’t think you always need a week or two to travel and experience…

BUSTED in Scotland

This weekend me and my friend Karoline went to Glasgow to see one of the Busted reunion concerts. I can’t believe it’s been 12 years since we were UBER fans! I felt like a 14 year old girl again for 1.5 hours, when the band played all of their classics. They had even made some new ones, which I hope will be released soon!

Before the concert we had a day in Aberdeen, since it was easier (and cheaper) getting to the airport there. We stayed at Jury’s Inn, which is a decent hotel inside the Union Square shopping centre. Since we were only in town for a day it was nice to have everything around is. Especially YO! Sushi. I have never tried eating sushi from a traditional Japanese ‘kaiten’conveyor belt before. And I have also never spent £24 on sushi before. It’s highly recommended though!

After eating lunch we went out for a small stroll in town. It’s almost completely made in granite. Even though I prefer colors, the granite gives the town a very authentic feel to it. We passed by a church with a beautiful graveyard. I took a picture of a headless statue that I think looked both creepy and interesting.

Like always, we visited Primark to do some shopping. Filling up our bags with geeky pieces of clothing! I simply love the Cherry Coke t-shirt! I have been looking for a nice Coca Cola tee for some time now. Outside one of the shopping centres we also met a group of cosplayers collecting money for charity.



… also look at this fun Star Wars cake from a shop window. Something for geeky weddings!


This weekend didn’t bring too much sleep, as we had to wake up around 5.30 to catch our 3 hour bus to Glasgow. We travelled with a company called Megabus which was decent enough. Because we were tired, we were able to kill some time by sleeping. The bus also had WIFI, and I had a bag of Skittles.. No complaints.

Because we arrived early in Glasgow we also had some time to explore there as well. We were a bit tired though, so we ended up eating some lunch, checking out a unique backyard, then went back to the hotel for a 3 hour long rest. We wanted to be well rested before the concert started, so no big sightseeing this time. I were able to take a few pictures though.

… some street art. The less artistic kind.


The Busted concert was at SSE Hydro. We stayed at Premier inn, which was on the other side of the river from the arena. A rather short walk luckily. The arena was huge, but even though our seats were far in the back I felt like we got a great experience. We also bought some tour tees. Even though all songs were some kind of highlight, I think the song we yelled loudest to were definately “Year 3000”.

Warming up for the band was Wheatus (with “Teenage Dirtbag” and a woman called Emma Blackery (that I honestly haven’t heard about before).