Edinburgh in “One day”

This weekend me and one of my friends went to Edinburgh for a concert. Since we arrived late Friday night and left early Sunday morning we didn’t have much time on our hands for other activities. In other words; We had to plan our day well..

We skipped breakfast at our hotel and decided to find some local place to get ourselves a decent meal at. We chose a full Scottish breakfast at a pub, which included the all famous delicacy of haggis. This was my first time trying it, or at least I think so. It actually just looks like any sausage, and it didn’t really taste as funny as I thought it would. You could have fooled any kid to eat it…

edin1Full Scottish breakfast with haggis, the sausage thingy on the left side…

edin11Pub names, gotta love’em…

Since both me and my friend loves castles and history we went up to the Edinburgh Castle, which  is the most famous landmark in the city and a must to see! You also get a lovely view of the city from up there. I’ve already been in Edinburgh twice earlier, but I have never been inside the castle, so that was a first for me. It’s really recommended! For £16 you get to see a lot of history in one place, exhibitions, museums and the all famous crown jewels (Honours).




edin3It’s always nice catching a rainbow!

After the visit to the castle we still had some time before the concert. Since we both also love the Harry Potter series and J. K. Rowling we went up to Greyfriars in Old Town to check out The Elephant House (pub) were she wrote much of her early work. We also visited Greyfriars Kirkyard, which is the inspiration to were Voldemort grave was placed. There’s actually a real Tom Riddell buried there. Harry Potter fans visits his grave every Halloween to honor the series.

edin6The Elephant House, were Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter books.

edin7The grave of Tom Riddell (Note, not “Tom Riddle”)


For dinner we had Italian food at a lovely autenthic Italian restaurant. I had bruschetta for starters, then a lovely pasta meal with mussels, scampi and calamari (squid). After that it was all about the concert. The band playing was Busted, which was my favourite band as a young teen.. It’s quite nostalgic to finally be able to see them live, since it was a dream of the 13 year old me!


edin12The Natives warming up.

edin13Yet another awesome Busted concert. Tempted to go for a triple next year!

As you can see it’s possible to have a copious experience even if you are short on time. Don’t think you always need a week or two to travel and experience…

Year 2013… then 2014

The year 2013 was a pretty ok one. About half of it was spent living and finishing my bachelor degree in London, while in the second half I moved back to Ålesund and into an apartment with my cousin. Not long after I got a job as a graphic designer in a newspaper.

– I travelled to Paris, Riga and Toulouse, as well as Bergen and Oslo to visit friends.
– I went to several concerts and musicals (Pink, the Darkness,  50 Cent, the West End men, Mamma Mia, Dirty Dancing and We Will Rock you)
– I saw a living tiger for the first time, in London Zoo though..
– I celebrated the 17th of May (Norway’s day of independence) in London with princess Martha Louise and her family.
– I saw my first live Premier League match, between Tottenham and Chelsea.
– I got a bob hairstyle, which I’ve wanted to try out for a long time. I also had my hair fire truck red again, for several months.
– I met Zachary Quinto, or “Skylar from Heroes” if you want. I also went to loads of premiere and got to see several Hollywood stars.
– I had a blog surviving for over a year! Which is new to me..
– I visited the Harry Potter studio and saw dozens of the real sets and props from all the movies. It was amazing walking through Diagon Alley!
– I took up the hobby of drawing again, and made several portraits of celebrity, which I will continue with this year.
– I met my teenage crush, Matt Willis, and fullfilled a bucketlist wish!

This year’s hopes and plans are…
– Travel to NY to visit my friend, Marit. Will likely happen in March/April if everything sorts out.
– Make new and improved drawings of portraits, including other people than celebrities also!
– At least one weekend trip to London and Toulouse!
– Lose a couple of pounds after eating a mountain this xmas *cough*
– Clean and remove all unecessary items from my wardrobe, and give them to charity.
– Take a new tattoo? I already have some plans that I might finally get to.
– Buy an apartment!
– Get a little pet (only if I get my own place).
– Find a way to be more positive and enjoy life more.
– Attend the live premiere of “The Hobbit: There and back again”.
… and find out what to do next in life.

Some pictures of last year:

P!NK, I’ve missed you!

Noen liker Bieber. Jeg liker kvalitet.

I går var jeg så heldig å få muligheten til å dra på Pink-konsert på O2 arena, noe jeg har hatt lyst til siden jeg var fjortiss. Konserten var rett og slett magisk, med et av de stiligste sceneshowene jeg har sett noen gang! Pink synger også fantastisk rent, samtidig som hun flyr over publikum og leker seg i en trapes.

Some likes Bieber, I like quality.

Yesterday I was lucky to be able to go to a Pink-concert at O2 arena, something I’ve wanted since I was a teenager. The concert was magical, with one of the most amazing stage shows I’ve seen in my life. Pink also has a wonderful voice, and she sings while she fly over the audience and plays around in a trapeze.

pink1 pink2 pink3 pink4 pink5

The Darkness concert

Noe det har blitt alt for lite av her i London er konserter. Bortsett fra Florence + the Machines før jul har det vært stille på den musikalske fronten (forutenom teater/musikaler), så det var deilig når billetten til The Darkness kunne veksles inn i en FANTASTISK konsertopplevelse på Apollo (i Hammersmith). Justin Hawkins (vokal) er energisk til de grader og har en helt fantastisk stemme. Man skulle trodd at å hoppe rundt eller stå på hodet ville gjøre ham andpusten i løpet av kvelden, men neida! Resten av bandet gjør en formidabel innsats på instrumentene sine, noe som resulterer i den perfekte konsertopplevelse. Mine favorittopptredener er “Growing on me”, “Nothing’s gonna stop us”, “I believe in a thing called love”, “One way ticket to hell” og “Friday Night”.

Something I wish I had been doing more of in London is going to concerts. Besides Florence + the Machines before christmas it has been quiet on the concert front. Therefore it was great when I could show my ticket at Apollo Hammersmith and get one of the best concert experiences ever. Justin Hawkins is so energic and has a fantastic voice. One should think that after jumping around on stage and standing upside down would make him tired, but NO! The rest of the band does a great job on their instruments, that result in the perfect concert. My favourite songs that night was “Growing on me”, “Nothing’s gonna stop us”, “I believe in a thing called love”, “One Way ticket to hell” and “Friday Night”

Apollo in Hammersmith, where they air the show "Apollo live" from.

Apollo in Hammersmith, where they air the show “Apollo live” from.

Light is half of the show sometimes!

Light is half of the show sometimes!

The band! Amazing!

The band! Amazing!